Application Guidelines for Humanosphere Science Research, 2024

Updated: 2024/04/11

Application Guidelines

The Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere of Kyoto University (hereafter, referred to as RISH) is promoting advanced and combined research on the five missions of “1: Environmental Diagnosis and Regulation of Circulatory Function”, “2: Advanced Development of Science and Technology towards a Solar Energy Society”, “3: Sustainable Space Environments for Humankind”, “4: Development and Utilization of Wood-based Sustainable Materials in Harmony with the Human Living Environment”, and “5: Quality of the Future Humanosphere” regarding the most recent issues concerning the survival of the human race. In order to promote these missions on humanosphere, RISH is publicly recruiting those who can take part in joint research on humanosphere science known as “Humanosphere Science Research” with the points below. We hope to receive many applications.

Applicant eligibility

Those following people are eligible to become the research director.

  • Full-time instructors (including specific fixed-term instructors), full-time instructors of national and public research institutes, or full-time researchers (including researchers at a National Research and Development Agency or Incorporated Administrative Agency) who are eligible to apply for “Grant-in-aid for Scientific Research”.
    (Applicant from abroad should correspond to the conditions shown above.)
  • Those who are seen as adequate by RISH director.

An applicant can apply only one project as a research director. When the project is proposed from outside of RISH, please include one or more instructor(s) at RISH as research collaborator(s) of the project, and assign one of the RISH collaborators as “Person responsible at RISH”. When the project is proposed from RISH, please include one or more researcher(s) who do not belong to RISH as research collaborator(s) of the project.

Please note the following points as a research director of the proposed project.

  • Honorary professors: It is suggested that an honorary professor becomes a research collaborator of the application by a full-time researcher as a director. If an honorary professor can conduct the research at home, application as a research director is possible, but please separately state the applicant’s research environment.
  • Application from abroad: It is possible to apply a project from abroad. However, please consult thoroughly with the research collaborators at RISH on how the research is conducted and how the budget is used because the bookkeeping of the budget is carried out within RISH. We recommend that such proposal from abroad is submitted by the “Person responsible at RISH”.

If applicant’s position at the belonging institution is like a post-doctorate researcher who works on projects under supervision by another researchers or instructors, please apply as a research collaborator of the research project of your interest. Please also check whether the application may not violate obligations that the applicants may have at the belonging institution.


  • When researcher(s) publish paper(s)/letter(s)/report(s) based on accepted research, you must state acknowledgement of “this research is supported by Humanosphere Science Research of RISH, Kyoto University” and send the PDF file(s) of published paper(s)/letter(s)/report(s) to RISH. Co-authorship may be required according to RISH researcher’s contribution.
  • If you apply patent(s) based on accepted research, you must report it to RISH.

Deadline for Applications

May 15, 2024 (Wednesday)

How to Apply

Fill out the prescribed application form and submit it as an electronic file. The format of the application form may change without notice so please be sure to download applications of the latest format at the link below at RISH website.

Please prepare the application form in two pages. The proposal should be written in English (or Japanese) on the fixed application format (Microsoft Word) and submitted using Google Forms: A Google account is required for uploading. If it is difficult, please attach it to an e-mail and send it to the clerical staff below. If you do not receive e-mail within a few days after submission, please contact the clerical staff.


Expenses needed for the research is spent from the budget at RISH. (The allocated budget is transferred to the “Person responsible at RISH”. So please discuss expenses with the “Person responsible at RISH”.): supply expenses, travel expenses, remuneration expenses, fixtures expenses, others (communication/transportation expenses, etc.)
Please be careful that fixtures bought by the research project should be registered to RISH. Please describe use of the budget in detail in order to help review of the application be clearer.

Granting Period

Until March 31, 2025 (Please spend the budget by the end of February as much as possible.)

Granted Amount

Up to 200,000 yen for a project
(If the requested budget amount exceeds 200,000 yen, please state the reason.)

Clerical staff

Takako Ueji,
Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Kyoto University,
Gokasho, Uji, Kyoto 611-0011, JAPAN
E-mail: rish-kyoten* (replace * with @)


Hirotsugu Kojima (Chair of Project-based Collaborative Research Committee, RISH)
E-mail: kojima.hirotsugu.6m* (replace * with @)


Relationships with humanosphere science and humanosphere missions are major factors in evaluations when conducting reviews. If the proposed project continues over multiple fiscal years, please explain reasons for continuation over the years. Please bring up the issues presented for adoption in your announcement at the humanosphere mission symposium scheduled to be held at around March 2025 and submit your report on your findings.

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