Mission 1: Environmental Diagnosis and Regulation of Circulatory Function

更新日: 2022/06/07

To develop projections of environmental change, such as global warming and the increase of extreme weather events, Mission 1 diagnoses atmospheric conditions by highly sensitive radar and satellite measurements. This work elucidates material transport and exchange mechanisms between the atmosphere and the biosphere, including the pedosphere. To establish a fossil fuel-independent, biomass-based sustainable energy production and utilization system, this mission views the humanosphere from a material cycling perspective. Research projects include investigating the biological functions of plants and microbes in biomass production and cycling using techniques such as metabolic engineering. 

2021 Activity Report for Mission 1

Biosphere-Atmosphere Exchange of Trace Molecules

We study the carbon dynamics from the ecosystem scale to the plot scale in forest environments through in-situ measurements of trace gas fluxes based on micrometeorological methods and automated closed chamber techniques.


Biological Studies on the Interactions between Plants, the Atmosphere and the Rhizosphere

Plants emit a large quantity of volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) to the atmosphere, while plants absorb minerals and heavy metals from the soil. In this mission, the physiological functions and molecular mechanisms of these exchanges are studied to develop transport engineering.


Rhizosphere Plant-Microbe Interactions Involved in the Material Cycle

Soil plays an important role in carbon and nitrogen cycles. We elucidate the functions of genes and metabolites involved in legume-rhizobium symbiosis and the rhizosphere interactions between plants and microbial communities to contribute to sustainable crop and plant production.

Environmental Observations Using Large Atmospheric Radars

By using the MU radar and the Equatorial Atmosphere Radar, we have developed atmosphere observation technologies, including radar imaging and clutter suppression, to precisely measure the atmospheric environment. We elucidate the mechanisms of material transport and contribute to future projections of environmental change.

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