Mission 4: Development and Utilization of Wood-based Sustainable Materials in Harmony with the Human Living Environment

Updated: 2022/07/01

Mission 4 aims to develop a sustainable, renewable and cooperative human living environment by constructing a novel social system based on wood-based resources. To create harmony between nature and human activities, this mission focuses on human habitation by examining biologically-based and sustainable materials, the architectural function of structures and the human habitability of these structures. Technologies with low environmental impacts are possible if the structure and function of these bio-resources is well understood. Our research is directed towards the development of these technologies throughout the carbon life cycle, including the manufacturing, modification, use, disposal, and recycling of wood-based materials. The principle of this mission is to unify state-of-the-art technologies in engineering, agriculture, biology and anthropology through wood and material sciences. This mission is designed with creativity in mind and will be conducted through the development of novel ideas and thinking. Nonetheless, ancient knowledge and techniques will still play an important role in this mission to uphold a safe and pleasant environment on earth.

2021 Activity Report for Mission 4


From Production to Recycling of Wood Biomass-Based Materials

New wood-based materials in balance with both the global and regional environment are studied to develop production, utilization and recycling/disposal systems for wood biomass.

Development and Evaluation of Timber Materials and Structures

We are estimating the strength of wooden structural materials and innovative engineered timber joints. We also target research to evaluate and analyze the seismic performance of wood-based structures.


Bio-Nanostructures & Nanomaterials

We aim to create advanced nanomaterials derived from sustainable bio-resources and based on the fundamental understanding of their physical properties and structure.


Eco-Friendly Life Systems for a Sustainable Future

We conduct fundamental and innovative investigations into natural and urban housing ecosystems to establish a future humanosphere society based on resource recycle systems.


Humanity Sociology with Scientific Analysis of Wood

We scrutinize information encoded in wood by using advanced scientific technology, which allows for informed wood utilization to contribute to a society sustained by renewable resources.


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