What is Humanosphere?

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Vol. 1, 2015.

This pamphlet is the first to collect our manga pieces that were issued on “Seizonken Dayori (Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere Newsletter)”, an informative magazine that we publish. This collaboration between Kyoto University’s Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere (RISH) and Kyoto Seika University’s Manga Department allows our research activities to be introduced in ways that are easily understood.

We hope that you read with ease, and that you understand a great deal more about the “Humanosphere Science.” Ready? Let’s explore this Humanosphere together!

Manga 001–013

What is “Microwave Power Transmission!?”
PDF file: Manga_001_No.4_SPS_en.pdf (4 040 586 bytes)
Manga_001_No.4_SPS_en JPEG Written by Tomohiko Mitani (RISH).
Illustrated by Chikako Noshi (RISH).
“Seizonken Dayori”, No. 4,pp. 4–5,2007.
What’s “measure the atmosphere using radio waves and light”?
PDF file: Manga_002_No.5_MUR_en.pdf (6 561 756 bytes)
Manga_002_No.5_MUR_en JPEG Written by Takeshi Horinouchi & Masayuki Yamamoto (RISH).
Illustrated by Chikako Noshi (RISH).
“Seizonken Dayori”, No. 5,pp. 6–7,2008.
What’s Bioethanol!?
PDF file: Manga_003_No.6_Bioethanol_en.pdf (4 374 806 bytes)
Manga_003_No.6_Bioethanol_en JPEG Written by Yuichi Setokawa & Takashi Watanabe (RISH).
Illustrated by Chikako Noshi (RISH).
“Seizonken Dayori”, No. 6,pp. 4–5,2008.
The Xylarium Story
PDF file: Manga_004_No.7_Xylarium_en.pdf (6 938 482 bytes)
Manga_004_No.7_Xylarium_en JPEG Written by Junji Sugiyama (RISH).
Illustrated by Kim Unhi (Kyoto Seika University).
“Seizonken Dayori”, No. 7,pp. 4–5,2009.
What’s Charcoal!?
PDF file: Manga_005_No.8_Charcoal_en.pdf (4 508 091 bytes)
Manga_005_No.8_Charcoal_en JPEG Written by Toshimitsu Hata (RISH).
Illustrated by An Hijyun (Kyoto Seika University).
“Seizonken Dayori”, No. 8,pp. 4–5,2010.
Possibilities of Timber Structure!
PDF file: Manga_006_No.9_LSF_en.pdf (17 755 814 bytes)
Manga_006_No.9_LSF_en JPEG Written by Akihisa Kitamori & Takuro Mori (RISH).
Illustrated by Tamao Nukina (Kyoto Seika University).
“Seizonken Dayori”, No. 9,pp. 4–5,2011.
Singing Melodies from Outer-space
PDF file: Manga_007_No.10_Aurora_en.pdf (3 513 748 bytes)
Manga_007_No.10_Aurora_en JPEG Written by Yoshiharu Omura (RISH).
Illustrated by Kim Jihyon (Kyoto Seika University).
“Seizonken Dayori”, No. 10,pp. 6–7,2012.
Who’s the Doctor of the Atmosphere?
PDF file: Manga_008_No.10_Ozone_layer_en.pdf (10 703 209 bytes)
Manga_008_No.10_Ozone_layer_en JPEG Written by Masato Shiotani & Kenshi Takahashi (RISH).
Illustrated by Mika Ikeda (Kyoto Seika University).
“Seizonken Dayori”, No. 10,pp. 8–9,2012.
What’s Biomass Crop?
PDF file: Manga_009_No.11_Biomass_plants_en.pdf (6 646 786 bytes)
Manga_009_No.11_Biomass_plants_en JPEG Written by Shirou Suzuki (RISH).
Illustrated by Ayayuki Kimiya (Kyoto Seika University).
“Seizonken Dayori”, No. 11,pp. 4–5,2012.
Development of Environmentally and Body —Friendly Wood-based Material
PDF file: Manga_010_No.11_LSM_en.pdf (4 248 468 bytes)
Manga_010_No.11_LSM_en JPEG Written by Kenji Umemura & Shuichi Kawai (RISH).
Illustrated by Koudai Kusuhara (Kyoto Seika University).
“Seizonken Dayori”, No. 11,pp. 6–7,2012.
Space Environment and Utilization —Developing new flight plans, propulsion, and measuring technologies
PDF file: Manga_011_No.12_Space_en.pdf (3 740 879 bytes)
Manga_011_No.12_Space_en JPEG Written by Yoshikatu Ueda (RISH).
Illustrated by Sonoko Fukushima (Kyoto Seika University).
“Seizonken Dayori”, No. 12,pp. 6-7,2013.
Surprising technique GPS Meteorology!! —Now-cast torrential rain clouds
PDF file: Manga_012_No.13_GPS_en.pdf (4 045 545 bytes)
Manga_012_No.13_GPS_en JPEG Written by Kazutoshi Sato (RISH).
Illustrated by Isana Takeguchi (Kyoto Seika University).
“Seizonken Dayori”, No. 13,pp. 6–7,2013.
Medicine from the Hills! —Defeating sickness with plants
PDF file: Manga_013_No.14_Berberine_en.pdf (4 324 926 bytes)
Manga_013_No.14_Berberine_en JPEG Written by Kojiro Takanashi (RISH).
Illustrated by Sen Shika (Kyoto Seika University).
“Seizonken Dayori”, No. 14,pp. 6–7,2014.

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