Semiochemical communication of Heterobostrychus aequalis (Waterhouse): host location and aggregation signals

更新日: 2016/01/05

氏名 BONG Lee-Jin
共同研究者 吉村剛
採択年 2015(平成27) 年度

Heterobostrychus aequalis (Waterhouse) is among the most destructive wood attacking beetles that are of economic importance in forestry and lumber industries. Research on semiochemical communication of this insect is in dire need in effort to develop sustainable pest management in forestry and lumber industries. The identified chemical cues responsible for insect aggregation are of prime importance not only to explain the infestation process of the insect in timber or timber products, but to augment the idea of the development of novel pest management strategies in forestry and lumber industries.

Preliminary study using y-tube olfactometer bioassay showed that adults H. aequalis did not show preference for either female signaler or male signaler. However, the result was not conclusive as many factors might interfere the result of the bioassay, e.g.: the release of aggregation pheromone might relate to old age, and virginity of the insect. However, it is impossible to determine the age and virginity of the beetle during insect rearing because of the immature development inside the wood. Thus, the pheromone will be extracted from the beetle to increase the pheromone titer, and y-tube olfactometer bioassay will be carried out again using the extracted pheromone as the signaler.



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