ヒアリワークショップ 2017
Fire Ant Workshop 2017

更新日: 2021/04/23

開催日時 2017(平成29)年10月10日(火) 13:00–17:30
開催場所 キャンパスプラザ京都 第2講義室
主催者 京都大学生存圏研究所
申請代表者 Yang Chin-Cheng (京都大学生存圏研究所生態系管理・保全分野)
関連ミッション ミッション1 環境診断・循環機能制御
ミッション5 高品位生存圏
関連分野 昆虫学,生態学,環境科学,農学等。


Fire Ant Workshop 2017 was held at Campus Plaza Kyoto 10th Oct. 2017. A total of 4 speakers including two fire ant experts from United States were invited to give a smeinar talk. The workshop was joined by more than 150 participants. All participants showed tremendous interest of the workshop and addressed a vast numnber of questions towards the speakers during the discussion session. This suggests that awareness level of fire ant has been improved, which is beneficial to the success of the fire ant campaign in Japan.


The red imported fire ants, arguably one the world’s most devastating invasive ants, have been discovered in numerous seaports of Japan recently (Kobe, Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo), raising a serious concern that this invasive ant might have established in other places in Japan but remain largely undetected. In response to this, the Ministry of Environment in accordance of the Japanese Pest Control Association (JPCA) is funding a nationwide surveillance project where a total of 68 seaports in Japan are subject to a detailed survey regime in next few months.

To ensure this project is carried out with an efficient manner, the one-day workshop was held to provide a forum to educate/equip relevant personnel involved in this project with proper knowledge of identification, biology and control of fire ants. Two experts with international expertise on fire ants from the US were invited to present as lectures. They were also joined by additional two scientists from Japan including Prof. Tsuji (University of the Ryukyus) and Dr. Chin-Cheng (Scotty) Yang who have feateured current situations of fire ants in Japan and Taiwan.

Concluding remarks
As the Japanese government has launched a fire ant eradication campaign recently, this workshop has brought knowledge and experience in time and made this eradication program possible and feasible. As the fire ant invasion remains at its early stage, the level of societal commitment is extremely critical. The major impact of this workshop is that critical information regarding fire ants get to be delivered to the audience in a timely manner and expectedly ensures the audience stay alerted and committed for fire ant invasion.



  1. 生存圏科学の国際展開、国際的な人材育成の強化、国際コミュニティーの拡大
  2. 赤道大気レーダー等の大型設備、実験フィールド、ARN 共同ラボを活用した国際共同研究の拡大
  3. 国内外の研究機関とARNの連携強化、本研究所のハブ機能の強化
  4. 本学の国際教育研究拠点としての機能やプレゼンスの向上
  5. 第3回アジアリサーチノードシンポジウム開催の決定


13:00–13:10 開会の挨拶
13:10–14:30 ヒアリの同定と生態
Identification and ecology of fire ant
演者:DeWayne Shoemaker 教授
14:30–14:40 休憩
14:40–16:00 ヒアリ対策用ベイト剤の開発とエリア対策
Bait development and area-wide control of fire ant
演者:David Oi 博士
16:00–16:30 日本のヒアリの現状
Current status of fire ant in Japan
演者:辻和希 教授
16:30–17:00 台湾におけるヒアリの分布拡大とその防止対策
Movement control of fire ant in Taiwan
演者:Chin-Cheng (Scotty) Yang 講師
17:00–17:30 意見交換会
Symposium-0355a Symposium-0355b



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