IGAC-SPARC 国際ワークショップ
IGAC-SPARC International Workshop

更新日: 2015/12/04

開催日時 2009/10/25(日) 8:30–18:00 - 2009/10/26(月) 8:30–12:05
開催場所 稲盛ホール (京都大学医学部 芝蘭会館本館)
主催者 近藤豊 (東京大学先端科学技術研究センター)
申請代表者 近藤豊 (東京大学先端科学技術研究センター)
所内担当者 塩谷雅人 (京都大学生存圏研究所大気圏環境情報分野)
関連ミッション ミッション 1 (環境計測・地球再生)
関連分野 大気圏精測診断分野、大気圏環境情報分野、レーダー大気圏科学分野。

IGAC-SPARC International Workshop


IGBP (国際地球圏生物圏計画)、WCRP (世界気候変動研究計画)のコアプロジェクトである IGAC (地球大気化学国際共同計画)及び SPARC (成層圏気候影響研究計画)の科学者会議が日本で開催されるのにあわせて、IGAC-SPARC プロジェクトに関するワークショップを催した。対流圏・成層圏を連続した大気として扱い、また大気中物質と気候の研究を包括的に実施する国際的な研究動向を反映した最新の研究成果が発表され、今後の大気環境科学の研究への大きな指針となったと同時に国際レベルでの研究者同士の交流も図られ、有意義な研究集会となった。


October 25 (Sun)

08:30–08:40 Welcome Y. Kondo & M. Shiotani
08:40–10:20 (chair: M. Koike)
   Key Note
   K. Law (CNRS, France, IGAC)
Atmospheric Chemistry in the Earth System
T. Shepherd (Univ. of Toronto, Canada, SPARC)
The Role of Stratospheric Dynamics in Chemistry-Climate Coupling
   1. Aerosols and Oxidants from the Global Perspective
   Y. Kanaya (JAMSTEC)
Regional-scale photochemical ozone pollution in central east China in June: A highlight from MTX (Mount Tai Experiment) 2006 field campaign
H. Tanimoto(NIES)
Exploring CO pollution episodes observed at Rishiri Island by AIRS satellite measurements and chemical transport model simulations: Long-range transport of burning plumes and implications for emissions inventories
10:40–12:00 (chair: Y. Kanaya)
     J. Burrows (Univ. of Bremen, Germany, SPARC)
M. Kanakidou (Univ. of Crete, Greece, IGAC)
Organics — more surprises to be expected?
N Takegawa (Univ. of Tokyo)
Evolution of secondary aerosol in polluted air: Case studies for Tokyo and Beijing
M. Mochida (Nagoya Univ.)
Hygroscopicity and cloud condensation nucleus activity of atmospheric aerosol particles over the western Pacific region
12:00–13:30 Lunch
13:30–14:50 (chair: M. Mochida)
   2. Interface between Atmosphere, Biosphere, and Ocean
     K. Pienaar (North-west Univ., Sourth Africa, IGAC)
Deposition as an indicator of serval interacting processes
K. Takahashi (Kyoto Univ.)
A new approach to explore trace gas exchange between the atmosphere and biosphere : In-situ analysis using laser-based techniques
Y. Miyazaki (Hokkaido Univ.)
Marine biogenic sources of organic nitrogen and water-soluble organic aerosols over the western North Pacific in summer
A. Ito (NIES)
Integrated modeling of atmosphere-ecosystem biogeochemical interactions through trace gas exchange
15:10–16:30 (chair: S. Hayashida)
   3. Troposphere and Stratosphere Coupling
     G. Beig (IITM, India, IGAC)
Impact of long range transport of pollutants from Asia to neighboring countries and vise versa in the troposphere
A. M. Thompson (Penn State Univ., USA, SPARC)
Variability of Stratosphere-Troposphere Exchange Observed from Strategic Ozonesonde Networks
F. Hasebe (Hokkaido Univ.)
Recent results from SOWER activities in the tropical Pacific
K. Miyazaki (JAMSTEC)
Transport and mixing in the extratropical tropopause region in a high vertical resolution GCM
16:30–18:00 Poster presentations
18:30– Reception / ice-breaker


October 26 (Mon)

08:30–10:10 (chair: S. Yoden)
   3. Troposphere and Stratosphere Coupling (continue)
   M. Barth (NCAR, USA, SPARC)
K. Sato (Univ. of Tokyo)
Gravity Wave Generation and Propagation in the Middle Atmosphere Revealed by a High-Resolution GCM
   4. Possible Impacts on Climate and Earth System
    G. Feingold (NOAA, USA, IGAC)
Where, why, and how on earth does aerosol affect clouds and precipitation
P. Rasch (PNNL, USA, IGAC)
Geoengineering by seeding boundary layer clouds
K. Shibata (MRI)
MRI chemistry-climate model for the troposphere and stratosphere
(MRI-CCM 2) : Utilities from local air pollution to global warming
10:30–11:30 (chair : F. Hasebe)
    T. Peter (ETH Zurich, Switzerland, SPARC)
Impact of geoengineering aerosols on stratospheric temperature and ozone
H. Akiyoshi (NIES)
Ozone and halogen recovery times in the future stratosphere calculated by the CCSR/NIES CCM under the CCMVal-REF2 scenario and a no-climate-change run
K. Sudo (Nagoya Univ.)
Roles of Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosols in the CCSR/NIES/FRCGC Climate Model
11:30–12:00 Panel discussions (chair : Y. Kondo & M. Shiotani)
12:00–12:05 Concluding Remarks M. Shiotani & Y. Kondo


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