Antennas for Microwave wireless power transmission

更新日: 2024/06/12

開催日時 2024/06/26(水曜日)
発表者 李道通(生存圏研究所・客員准教授)
関連ミッション ミッション2 太陽エネルギー変換・高度利用
Keyword Antenna,Microwave wireless power transmission,High gain,Beam steering



Microwave wireless power transmission (MWPT) technology, which plays an important role in Space Solar Power Systems (SSPS) and IoT applications, can convert electrical power into microwave power and wirelessly transmit it into free space through a transmitting antenna, and it is captured by the rectenna and converted into DC power. As one of the most important parts of MWPT, the antenna is the interface between the EM waves propagating in space and the transmitter and receiver. Thus, the antennas with high gain, high efciency, beam scanning and compact size are urgently desired. In this talk, some types of antennas and arrays withhigh gain, near led focusing, pattern and beamwidth recongurable characteristics and the further application in MWPT will be discussed.

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