The effect of insect handling on development of Heterobostrychus aequalis (Waterhouse)

更新日: 2016/01/05

開催日時 2015(平成27年)6月24日(水)
題目 The effect of insect handling on development of Heterobostrychus aequalis (Waterhouse)
ホソナガシンクイHeterobostrychus aequalis (Waterhouse) の発育に対するハンドリングの影響
発表者 Lee-Jin Bong (京都大学生存圏研究所・ミッション専攻研究員)
関連ミッション ミッション 4 (循環型資源・材料開発)


Problem arises during insect rearing of Heterobostrychus aequalis (Waterhouse). Thus, an experiment to observe the development consequences of larvae handling for H. aequalis was carried out in the chamber at 26 °C, 65 % RH in the dark. Four range of larvae weight were subjected to treatments: a) handled: the larva was weighted and checked for its molting every week for handled treatment, and b) unhandled. The larvae weighted <0.002 g failed to develop into adult for both handled and unhandled treatments. Approximately 70 % of the unhandled larvaeweighted 0.002–<0.01 g and 0.01–<0.026 g developed into adults, undergoing 1–2 molting before turning into pupae. Whereas for handled larvae, only 50 % of the larvae weighted 0.002–<0.01 g underwent molting and turned into pupae, but failed to develop into adult. Nearly 100 % of the larvae weighted 0.01–<0.026 g and 0.026–0.036 g underwent molting, but also failed to turn into adult. Handled larvae showed slow development, experiencing more molting than unhandled larvae before turning into pupae. It was speculated that disturbance during larvae handling resulted in asychronized development patterns in the immature stage and impaired its growth to adult.

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