Semiochemical communication of Heterobostrychus aequalis (Waterhouse): host location and aggregation signals

更新日: 2015/04/16

氏名 BONG Lee-Jin
共同研究者 吉村剛
採択年 2014(平成26) 年度

Heterobostrychus aequalis (Waterhouse) is among the most destructive wood attacking beetles that are of economic importance in forestry and lumber industries. The species, originated from Southeast Asia, is introduced and intercepted in the country from imported timber and timber products. The presence of this beetle is often undetectable until holes appearing on the infested woods, and frass is produced. Due to its capability to breed in wide host range and high dispersal potential, reinfestation of this beetle to other timbers is likely. If this to occur, the beetle could readily become established by attacking local timber or bamboo, and causes substantial economic losses in Japan.

Research on semiochemical communication of this beetle is in dire need in effort to develop sustainable pest management in forestry and lumber industries. Aggregation pheromone, an intraspecific signal emitted by the conspecific itself, is of profound importance in insects in aiding the conspecifics of the insect to locate the host and form group assembly for protection, reproduction, and feeding. The idea of using aggregation pheromone has led to the development of pheromone-based methods that helps early detection of pest presence, population monitoring, and mass trapping in IPM program. If early infestation of H. aequalis is to be detected, remedial action on the infested wood to eradicate the beetle would be effective.



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