平成26(2014)年度 ミッション専攻研究員

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氏名 共同研究者 研究プロジェクト題目
稲飯洋一 塩谷雅人 大気微量成分観測に基づく対流圈成層圏大気輸送・混合過程の評価
Research on atmospheric transport and mixing processes in the troposphere and the stratosphere based on trace gas observations
潮見幸江 津田敏隆 重力勾配計の小型可搬化開発
Development of a transportable laser-interferometric gravity gradiometer
高橋良香 矢崎一史 木質材料がヒトの心理生理に与える作用に関する研究
Psychological and Physiological Effects of Wood Composite Products, Section of Wood and Surface Processing and their Estimate of the Contribution Ratio of Various Senses
BONG Lee-Jin 吉村剛 Semiochemical communication of Heterobostrychus aequalis (Waterhouse): host location and aggregation signals
Yao YAO 海老原祐輔 Study on substorms by virtual experiment on the basis of global simulations

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