Development and Assessment of Sustainable Humanosphere /Forest Biomass Analytical System

Updated: 2016/06/22

The DASH (Development and Assessment of Sustainable Humanosphere) system was introduced by Kyoto University (RISH and Center of Ecological Research) in 2007. The DASH system consists of the “DASH plant growth subsystem” for the cultivation of transgenic plants, including tree species, and the “DASH chemical analysis subsystem”, which includes LC-IT-TOF-MS instrumentation for comprehensive metabolite analysis, a GCMS specialized for the analysis of lignin components and plantderived volatile organic compounds, and lysimeters to monitor soil conditions.

dash fabs

In 2008, DASH was fused with FBAS, which specializes in the chemical analysis of wood biomass, especially lignin components, to support the systematic analyses of plant metabolites and concurrently facilitate the cultivation of diverse transgenic plants. DASH/FBAS is available for domestic and international collaborative research activity.
At DASH/FBAS, the interactions between plants and environmental stresses, the atmosphere, soil, microorganisms, and insects are characterized, and the ecological network is connecting these is further studied. The development of novel materials from transgenic plants is another guiding purpose for DASH/FABS.


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