Microwave Energy Transmission Laboratory

更新日: 2022/04/12

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METLAB comprises collaborative research facilities for wireless power transmission, Space Solar Power Station/Satellite (SPS), radio science, and humanospheric science. It includes METLAB, SPSLAB, A-METLAB, a high-power microwave generator/amplifier/measurement system, and a phased array facility.

Microwave Energy Transmission Laboratory & Solar Power Station / Satellite Laboratory

METLAB is an anechoic chamber 16 m(L) × 7 m(W) × 7m(H) in size, with a high power radio wave absorber (>1 W/cm²), a turn table and an X-Y positioner. It utilizes spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, power meters, a magnetron of 2.45 GHz – 5 kW, and a 2.4 mφ parabolic antenna.
SPSLAB is a research laboratory with a plane-type, near-field scanner in a shielded room for taking 3 m x 3 m antenna measurements. This allows for the design, development, measurement, and analysis of antennas and microwave circuits.

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Advanced Microwave Energy Transmission Laboratory and Advanced Phased Array – Rectenna System for MPT

micro3A-METLAB is an anechoic chamber 18 m(L) × 17 m(W) × 7.3 m(H) in size, with a high power radio wave absorber (> 1 W/cm²) in a 34 m(L) × 21 m(W) × 10 m(H) building. It contains a large plane-polar type near-field scanner, which can measure 10mφ, 10t, 10kW phased array. A-METLAB is also a class 100,000 clean booth and can carry out experiments with 10mφ satellites. The Advanced Phased Array – Rectenna System for MPT has the best characteristics for microwave power transmission. Beam forming and direction of arrival methods, retrodirective
technology, REV methods, PAC methods, and parallel methods, among others, allow for the execution of various beam forming, antenna, circuit, rectenna, and wireless power transmission experiments.

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Performance Evaluation System for Measurement Instruments of Space Electromagnetic Environments

micro4PEMSEE is dedicated to evaluating the performance of instruments which observe very faint plasma/radio waves generated in space. The core of the PEMSEE is the double electromagnetic shield rooms. The small shield room is located inside the outer shield room. This allows us to conduct performance tests of highly sensitive instruments with enough reduction of external noise. The clean booth (Class 10000) is inside the outer shield room. In this way, precision equipment, such as space instruments, can be tested free of dust. The PEMSEE is also equipped with necessary sensors and analyzers for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) measurements.

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