Wood Composite Hall

Updated: 2016/06/22

The Wood Composite Hall is a glulam-constructed three-story building. In this building, the performance of wood-based structural components is evaluated, and new wood composites are developed. The third floor provides various large spaces for lectures, meetings and seminars.


Steel Reaction Frame

We also provide a steel reaction frame in which both static cyclic push-pull loading tests and pseudo-dynamic tests on shear walls and wooden sub-assemblies can be conducted using a computer-controlled oil jack system, which has a maximum capacity of 500 kN and a 500 mm stroke.

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1000kN Servo Actuator

A vertical 1000 kN servo actuator is also available, in which tensile, buckling and flexural tests for full-scale specimens up to 3 m in height can be conducted. Additionally, timber joints and innovative wood-based structural components can be evaluated.

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Pulse Current Heating Apparatus

Pulse current heating is a heating technique utilizing both uniaxial force and a pulsed current under inert gas to perform carbonization of wood powders. This heating allows for enhancing densification over grain growth to promote diffusion mechanisms by the application of a high heating rate.

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