Deterioration Organisms Laboratory/Living-Sphere Simulation Field

更新日: 2016/06/22

The “Deterioration Organisms Laboratory” and the “Living-Sphere Simulation Field” are facilities used by cooperative study programs that require wood-deteriorating organisms, such as termites and decay basidiomycetes, or field testing for living-sphere simulations, respectively. The organisms are provided without charge to scientists involved in the cooperative study. Individually, the facilities started offering public subscriptions
for cooperative study programs in 2005. Since the committees of DOL and LSF were combined in 2008, study proposals from 2009 onward have been submitted to DOL/LSF in common.

Deterioration Organisms Laboratory


The DOL is composed of three major insectariums for termites and dry-wood beetles (powder-post beetles), as well as microbial incubation rooms. These facilities serve collaborative research efforts on the physiological and/or ecological characteristics of wood-deteriorating organisms and the evaluation/development of new technology as protective measures.

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Living-sphere Simulation Field

The LSF occupies approximately 28,000 m2 within the national forest in Fukiage, Hioki city, Kagoshima Pref. (southern Japan). It serves as a simulation field for collaborative research endeavors regarding the protection of woody materials, wood biomass cycles, global atmospheric phenomena and microwave transmission.

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