Advanced Kyoto-daigaku Denpa-kagaku Keisanki-jikken computer

Updated: 2021/12/23

Contrivance page (in Japanese)

The A-KDK computing facility is capable of conducting largescale computer experiments for humanospheric science, focusing on subjects such as space plasma, wave phenomena in the upper atmosphere, and electromagnetic environments in space. The AKDK system is a high-performance machine, which consists of 10,064 cores in CRAY XC40, 1,656 cores in CRAY CS400 2820XT, and 144 cores in CS400 4840X. An additional RAID disk system with a capacity of 340 TBytes is installed at RISH and available for A-KDK users.

The A-KDK System

・CRAY XC40 (10,064 cores, 16.6 TBytes)

・CRAY CS400 2820XT (1,656 cores, 5.9 TBytes)

・CRAY CS400 4840X (6 TBytes)

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