Research Missions(2004-2015)

Updated: 2017/10/03

The main objectives of RISH from 2004 to 2015 were to understand the conditions of Humanosphere as accurately as possible (diagnosis), and to provide solutions to the problems of Humanosphere (remedy). For these purposes, RISH pursued interdisciplinary research centered on the four missions. 


Mission 1: Assessment and remediation of the Humanosphere

This mission is developed based on the reorganization and incorporation of different research such as observations of the atmosphere, biochemical research on genetics of woody plants, and effective utilization of forest resources. The aim of the mission is to create foundations which permit sustainable ways of using forest resources while maintaining sound environment. This will be made possible by understanding the current conditions and the fluctuations of Humanosphere as accurately as possible.

Mission 2: Development of Science and Technology through Biomass and Solar Power Satellite Research toward a Solar Energy Society

The aim of this mission is to create sustainable societies relying more on renewable energy such as solar and biomass energies. The research on solar power station/satellite (SPS), microwave power transmission, and the conversion of wood biomass to fuels chemicals, and advanced carbon materials are conducted.

Mission 3: Study of the Space Environment and its Utilization

The ultimate goal of this mission is to build research foundations for expanding Humanosphere into space for the future generations. The scope of the research on space plasmas and cosmic rays are now expanded for this objective. The investigation of the space environment surrounding the Earth, development of new technologies for exploration of the space, quantitative evaluation of artificially perturbed environments around spacecraft as well as for the evaluation of natural space plasmas are conducted. The possible utilization of new wood materials in space environment is also investigated.

Mission 4: Development of Technology and Materials for Cyclical Utilization of Bio-based Resources

This mission aims to realize sustainable societies by building resource cycling system of forest resources. Among bio-based resources, forest resources are renewable and have a possible capacity of a large scale production. Through conducting research on forest resources, the development of fundamental technologies with lower environmental impacts on every phase of the biomaterial life cycle involving production, processing, utilization, disposal, and reuse is achieved.

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