The 3rd Asia Research Node (ARN) Symposium on Humanosphere Science was held

The 3rd Asia Research Node (ARN) Symposium on Humanosphere Science (373rd RISH Symposium) was held on September 25-27, 2018 at National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan.

We were proudly joined by 201 participants (a total of 502 participants for 3 days) including 163 non-Japanese. We were also joined by 140 student researchers.

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We set up 8 sessions and invited 35 speakers from Asia (mainly Taiwan), European and Japan. The lectures covered scientific and technological advances in multiple research fields that contribute for “Sustainable Humanospehere”.

Opening Remarks (Prof.Watanabe, RISH)

Closing Remarks (Prof. Hwang, NCHU)


Poster Presentation

58 poster presenters shared their research by presenting their posters and taking part in the elevator speech session. 6 students received Best Student Poster Award.

  • Best Student Poster Award Winners

Mr. Ting-Han Lin (National Central University, Taiwan)
Ms. Pei Hua Li (National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan)
Mr. Bramantyo Wikantyoso (LIPI, Indonesia/RISH, Kyoto Univ., Japan)
Mr. Takuya Ikeda (RISH, Kyoto Univ., Japan)
Mr. Tatsumasa Hagiwara (RISH, Kyoto Univ., Japan)
Ms. Amonrat Panthawong (Kasetsart University, Thailand)

Mr. Ting-Han Lin Mr. Takuya Ikeda
Mr. Bramantyo Wikantyoso Ms. Pei Hua Li
Mr. Tatsumasa Hagiwara
Ms. Amonrat Panthawong
  •  Poster exhibition


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