RISH Gender Equality Committee : RISH GEC

RISH Gender Equality Committee (RISH GEC) started at 2015. Under the committee leader Prof. Kozo Kanayama, five members are working in the committee. In main campus of Kyoto University (Yoshida campus), the gender equality activity has been promoted by the Kyoto University Gender Equality Promotion Center since 2005. RISH has used the services in Yoshida campus with arranging additional own activities (ex. making women resting room for breast feeding for a baby or establishing the harassment committee). RISH GEC was established with a wish of more progress on the environment for comfortable research activities.


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RISH GEC activity

Face to face communication
Our activity requires to support personal life itself. Therefore we collaborate with Uji city and also the other research organizations in the local area. Our activity focuses on ‘Communication’ and ‘Share of the information’ to get understanding from colleagues and to provide the better supports for ‘you’.

Facebook activity for sharing information 

Facebook is used as an output facility. To support both Japanese and international colleagues, we provide the information in Japanese/English. Albums are used as information boxes, so that people can find the information they need (ex English speaking Hospital info.) 


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Future activity

Annual action plan: Several plans are made every year and we try to achieve all.

 Activity reports

The 1st annual symposium 

The 2nd annual symposium


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Telephone: +774-38-3346 Facsimile: +774-38-3600