Unit for Advanced Measurement and Technology Development

Updated: 2022/12/12

Principal Investigator(PI): Dr. Yoshikatsu Ueda

We are focusing on fine bubbles like micro bubbles (MB) and ultrafine bubbles (UFB). Depending on their sizes, bubbles disappear in a short time (MB) and cannot be visually confirmed or distinguished from impurities (UFB). We are actively pursuing research to resolve these issues. We will set three main research themes and aim to address them through international and interdisciplinary collaborations. We also conduct collaborative research for the Great East Japan Earthquake in Fukushima Prefecture.

1. Measurement of scientific phenomena that have been difficult to quantify directly
2. Simplification of measurement techniques for on-site applied research
3. Database creation for statistical analysis of measurement data

Gokasho, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. 611-0011
Telephone: +774-38-3346 Facsimile: +774-38-3600