Center for Future Pioneering Research on the Humanosphere

Updated: 2023/02/02

The Center for Future Pioneering Research on the Humanoshere was established in April 2022. The Center aims to develop new research fields utilizing the cross-disciplinary and exploratory features as the Joint Usage/Research Center of RISH and construct the effective management system. In this center, several candidate research groups (research units) from the Core Research Division attempt to explore new research fields. The research units are not permanent, and we review their activities every three years and promote new units through personnel exchanges with the Core Research Division.
The following two functions are emphasized to achieve the purpose. One is the cross-disciplinary research function that can provide a wide range of fundamental knowledge in a drastically changing social environment, and the other is the effective social collaboration function. In the former, inter- and trans-disciplinarity including not only interaction between research fields, but also expansion to the concept of time symbolized by the “new knowledge of the past”, while in the later, collaboration with a variety of societies in addition to the government and industry, is respectively important. These effective functionalization will encourage the sustainable development of new research fields and enable the creation of a new aspect of the Humanosphere science.


Gokasho, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. 611-0011
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