Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere

A series of Open seminars in FY 2018 was closed successfully

The “open-seminar” is a research meeting within RISH during lunchtime on Wednesdays. At each seminar, we invite a lecturer from RISH or outside with the aim of sharing results within RISH, inspiring new seeds of research, and enhancing collaborations. We held 13 open seminars in FY2018 with a total of 300 participants. In association with our international promotion program, “RISH Asia Research Node”, we also delivered 6 seminars across the world through the internet to the Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI) and the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN).

24th October 「Amide forming enzymes identified in streptothricin biosynthesis 」
Prof. Yoshimitsu Hamano (Fukui Prefectural Univ.)
31st October「International agricultural cooperation between Taiwan and Central America/Fiji: citrus diseases as an example」
Dr. Chun-Yi Lin   (RISH)
23rd January 「Controlling Distributed Cooperative Systems – Robots, Fish, Energy 」
Associate Prof. Hiroaki Kawashima (Kyoto Univ.)
30th January 「Effects of normothermic conditioned microwave irradiation on cancer cells – aiming to develop novel cancer therapies」
Dr. Mamiko Asano (RISH)