224th Regular Open Seminar
All you need to know about fire ant

Update: 2017/10/13

Date 2017-10-18 12:30–13:20

Presenter: Chin-Cheng Scotty Yang (Senior Lecturer, RISH, Kyoto University)
Title: All you need to know about fire ant
Place: HW525 (Research Building No. 1)
Associated Mission: Mission 1: Environmental Diagnosis and Regulation of Circulatory Function and Mission 5: Quality of the Future Humanosphere

ZOOM Meeting ID: 717-538-845


Biological invasions by ants are regarded as one of the main drivers of global biodiversity loss, environmental change and reduced humanosphere sustainability. The red imported fire ants (Solenopsis invicta), one of the world’s worst invasive ants, have been discovered in numerous container yards at 12 seaports of Japan recently. No field population has been reported by far, suggesting the invasion of fire ant remains at very early stage. During this stage, the level of societal commitment is extremely critical. For example, adequate citizen participation can readily facilitate the discovery of fire ants in areas that the government effort cannot cover. To ensure the public stays alert and committed, delivery of proper information and knowledge of this invasive ant is urgently needed. Therefore this Open Seminar is to address natural history, biology and impacts of fire ant, along with control strategy and practical first-aid tips when being stung. The ultimate goal is to train seminar participants to be a competent citizen scientist who can help find more fire ants, as this is undoubtedly a key for the success of an eradication initiative of a focal invasive species.

S0224_Yang JPEGFig. 1 (A) Larvae, (B) male pupa, (C) worker, (D) adult male, (E) female alate (virgin queen) and (F) various castes (and brood) in a colony of red imported fire ant.

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13 October, 2017

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