Organization of Open-seminar

Updated: 2015/03/31

Organization of Open-seminar

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The Center for Exploratory Research on Humanosphere held 12 open seminars in 2014 bringing the total number of open seminars held by the end of 2014 to 192. Through open seminars, the Center seeks to disseminate research results, promote Humanosphere Science, and expand the Humanosphere Science research community.

Open Seminar in FY2014

Estimation of atmospheric transport precesses based on trace gas measurements / Paederus: an agricultural beneficial insect and its impact on human health / Fire impacts on termite biodiversity: a case study in fire-induced degraded peatlands, Sumatra Indonesia. / High-pressure region as a key factor on understanding the physical processes around the substorm onset / Exploration into evolution of solar-planetary environments: Solar variation and atmospheric escape from terrestrial planets / Life-and green-innovation studies by cryogenic solution NMR / Structural investigations of cellulosic materials using xray and neutron scattering

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