A series of Open seminars in FY 2020 was closed successfully.

The “open-seminar” is a research meeting within RISH during lunchtime on Wednesdays. At each seminar, we invite a lecturer from RISH or outside with the aim of sharing results within RISH, inspiring new seeds of research, and enhancing collaborations. We held 12 open seminars in FY2020 with a total of 586 participants. By holding the seminar online, the number of participants nearly doubled from previous years and we were able to have seminars delivered from remote cities such as Hokkaido and Seattle. In association with our international promotion program, “RISH Asia Research Node”, we also delivered 8 seminars across the world through the internet to the Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI).

21st October,「Metabolic engineering of yeast for the production of artepillin C, a plant-derived bioactive compound in Brazilian green propolis.」Dr. Ryosuke Munakata(RISH/Assistant Professor)
18th November,「波動粒子相互作用がつなぐ宇宙と地球高層大気」Dr. Satoshi Kurita(RISH/Associate Professor)
25th November,「How genes and growth conditions alter grass biomass for biochemical and thermal biofuel processing 」Dr. Laura E. Bartley (Institute of biological Chemistry,Washington State University/Associate Proffessor)
27th January, 「Production and decomposition of mycorrhizal hyphae in hinoki cypress forests」 Dr. SCHAEFER Holger Christian(RISH/Mission Research Fellow)

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