Hashiguchi Lab.

Welcome to Hashiguchi Lab.

In Hashiguchi Lab., we are applying the latest technologies of electrical and electronic engineering and communication information engineering to Earth's atmospheric science.

The 21st century is the era of the global environment, but the technology to measure and monitor the global environmental change is still developing. To predict the future by understanding the current state of the global atmospheric environment change, precise observation is necessary. Our laboratory will contribute to the scientific elucidation of the global environment change by collecting global atmospheric information by developing original remote sensing techniques and analyzing a large amount of data obtained through the international observation network.

It is characterized by interdisciplinary research between engineering and science, and we are also focusing on international collaborative research to elucidate the global earth science.

What's New

Hashiguchi Laboratory was established.
Noersomadi obtained a Doctor of Science.
Nor Azlan Bin Mohd Aris obtained a Doctor of Science.
New students has joined.
Update April 1, 2020