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Date 2020(令和2)年11月16日(月)~20日(金)
Place オンライン(Zoom + Spatial Chat)
Host 京都大学生存圏研究所
Research Leader 大村善治 (京都大学生存圏研究所生存科学計算機実験分野)
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VERSIM (VLF/ELF Remote Sensing of the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere)国際共同研究作業部会は、国際電波科学連合(URSI)と国際地球電磁気学超高層物理学連合(IAGA)の連携の下にホイッスラー空電による磁気圏のリモートセンシング研究の作業部会が1975年に設立されたことに始まり、次第に研究領域も電離圏・磁気圏の電磁波動現象へと拡大されて、1989年にVERSIM作業部会と改名されて現在に至っている。最近では、2年毎に世界各地で研究集会が開催されてきており、その第9回目の研究集会が2020年3月に京都で開催されることになった。一方、ISEEでは、歴史的にもホイッスラー空電の研究が長く続けられてきたのみならず、現在も、地上のVLF電波観測網による磁気圏・電離圏観測および「あらせ」衛星による放射線帯の直接観測が活発に行われている。本研究集会では、京都大学生存圏研究所のスペース・プラズマ研究グループが名古屋大学宇宙地球環境研究所の地上・衛星観測の研究グループとも協力して、世界中から関連する研究者を集め、磁気圏・電離圏のプラズマ構造とその力学、波動粒子相互作用、波動波動相互作用の非線形過程、波動による高エネルギー粒子降下、磁気圏・電離圏の電磁波動伝搬等、VERSIM作業部会の研究テーマに関する最新の研究成果を発表し議論した。




11/16 (Mon) 09:00–12:35 (UTC00:00/EST19:00/PST16:00)

09:00–09:20 Jacob Bortnik & Yoshiharu Omura
Opening talk
09:20–09:43 Jyrki Manninen
Recent Observations of KHF-VLF Emissions
09:43–10:06 Richard B Horne
Propagation of EMIC Waves and the Origin of pc1 Pearl Pulsations
10:06–10:30 Lunjin Chen
Propagation Characteristics of Very Low Frequency Transmitter Signals in the Magnetosphere
10:45–11:07 Yoshiya Kasahara
Collaborative Study on Plasma Waves Simultaneously Observed by Arase and Van Allen Probes
11:07–11:29 Rajesh Singh
Lightning Discharges Induced Ionospheric Perturbations during Severe Weather System
11:29–11:51 David Shklyar
On the problem of whistler wave packet reflection from the ionosphere and exit to the ground
11:51–12:13 Oleksiy Agapitov
The parameters of whistler waves effective for wave-particle interactions in the outer radiation belts: the recent Van Allen Probes and THEMIS findings
12:13–12:35 Morris B. Cohen
Advances in D-Region Remote Sensing with VLF/LF and Masive Public Data Availability with WALDO

11/16 (Mon) 21:00–24:15 (UTC12:00/EST07:00/PST04:00)

21:00–21:22 Aleksandr Ukhorskiy
Van Allen Probes Mission: a Remarkable Journey and Discoveries in Earth’s Radiation Belts
21:22–21:45 John C. Foster
The Impenetrable Barrier: Suppression of Chorus Wave Growth byVLF Transmitters
21:45–22:07 Allison N. Jaynes
A Four-Belt Structure in Earth’s Van Allen Belts
22:07–22:30 Jean-Francois Ripoll
Pitch angle scattering of radiation belt electrons by whistler wavesduring a quiet period oderately perturbed by substorm activity
22:45–23:07 Shrikanth Kanekal
Radiation Belt Response to Interplanetary Shocks During the Declining Phase of Solar Cycle 24: Van Allen Probes Observations
23:07–23:30 Yoshizumi Miyoshi
Wide energy electron precipitations by chorus waves: Arase-EISCATcoordinated observations
23:30–23:52 Ondrej Santolik
Multi-Point Measurements of Whistler Mode Waves in the Outer VanAllen Belt
23:52–24:15 Daniel N. Baker
Wave-Particle Interaction Effects in the Van Allen Belts

11/17 (Tue) 09:00–12:15 (UTC00:00/EST19:00/PST16:00)

09:00–09:22 Kazuo Shiokawa
A review of recent observations of magnetospheric ELF/VLF waves by the PWING ground-based stations at subauroral latitudes with conjugate satellites
09:22–09:45 Drew L. Turner
Multipoint Insights on Magnetopause Losses, Energetic Particle Injections, and Sources of Outer Radiation Belt Electrons
09:45–10:07 Toshi Nishimura
Role of Plasma Density for Chorus Modulation and Diffuse Aurora
10:07–10:30 Satoshi Kasahara
Strong Diffusion of Energetic Electrons by Equatorial Chorus Waves in the Midnight-to-Dawn Sector
10:45–11:07 Jay M. Albert
Two Fundamental Models for Nonlinear Wave-Particle Interactions
11:07–11:30 Mark Gołkowski
Modeling of Whistler Mode Propagation and Wave-Particle Interactions
11:30–11:52 Andrei Demekhov
Frequency Dependence of VLF Chorus Poynting Flux in the Source Region:THEMIS Observations and a Model

11/17 (Tue) 21:00–24:00 Poster Gallery

 RoomA 21名
 RoomB 20名

11/18 (Wed) 09:00–12:00 Poster Gallery

 RoomA 21名
 RoomB 22名

11/18 (Wed) 21:00–24:15 (UTC12:00/EST07:00/PST04:00)

21:00–21:22 Yuto Katoh
Simulation Study of Nonlinear Properties of the Whistler-Mode Chorus Generation in the Magnetosphere
21:22–21:45 Xin Tao
Determinant role of field line inhomogeneity in the chirping direction of chorus
21:45–22:07 Yoshiharu Omura
Particle Simulation of Plasmaspheric Hiss
22:07–22:30 Masafumi Shoji
Computer simulations of nonlinear interactions between EMIC waves and ions in the inner magnetosphere
22:45–23:07 Quanming Lu
Two-dimensional general curvilinear particle-in-cell (gcPIC) simulation of rising-tone chorus waves in a dipole magnetic field
23:07–23:30 Chris Crabtree
Bayesian Identification of Chorus Sub-Packets from the Van Allen Probes
23:30–23:52 Wen Li
Typical properties of whistler mode waves in the Earth’s plasmasphere and plumes and their global effects on energetic electron loss
23:52–24:15 Yuri Shprits
Ultra-Relativistic Electrons in the Earth’s Van Allen Radiation Belts

11/19 (Thu) 09:00–12:15 (UTC00:00/EST19:00/PST16:00)

09:00–09:22 Bruce T. Tsurutani
The Detection and Consequences of Coherent Electromagnetic Plasma Waves
09:22–09:45 Jacob Bortnik
Dynamics of High-Energy Radiation Belt Electron Fluxes in the Inner Magnetosphere and Their Relation to Solar Wind Driving
09:45–10:07 Craig J. Rodger
Magnetic Local Time‐resolved Examination of Radiation Belt Dynamics During Substorm Cluster Activity
10:07–10:30 Suk-Bin Kang
Ring Current-Radiation Belt Interaction Through Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron Waves
10:45–11:07 Naritoshi Kitamura
Direct Measurements of Two-Way Wave-Particle Energy Transfer in a Collisionless Space Plasma
11:07–11:30 Xinlin Li
On Relativistic Electrons in the Inner Belt and Slot Region: Inward Transport and Cosmic Ray Albedo Neutron Decay (CRAND) versus Various Wave Scatterings and Atmospheric Collisions
11:30–11:52 František Němec
Contrasting Quasiperiodic Emissions at Small and Large Radial Distances
11:52–12:15 Maria Usanova
Cross-Frequency Wave Observations During Geomagnetic Storms with MMS

11/19 (Thu) 21:00–24:15 (UTC12:00/EST07:00/PST04:00)

21:00–21:22 Guan Le
MMS Observations of Poloidal and Toroidal Field Line Resonances
21:22–21:45 Qiugang Zong
Magnetospheric Response to Solar Wind Forcing: ULF Wave — Particle Interaction Scenario
21:45–22:07 Weichao Tu
Implementing Realistic ULF Wave Mode Structure in the Quantification of Radial Diffusion Coefficients
22:07–22:30 Kanako Seki
Radial transport of relativistic electrons through interaction with the ULF waves in the Earth’s inner magnetosphere
22:45–23:07 Xu-Zhi Zhou
Rolled-up structures in relativistic electron energy spectrum: evidence for nonlinear ULF wave-particle drift resonance
23:07–23:30 Khan-Hyuk Kim
A Case Study of Transversely Heated Low-Energy Helium Ions by EMIC Waves in the Plasmasphere
23:30–23:52 Lianghai Xie
Twisting of Magnetic Field Lines in the Ionospheric Flux Tube by Differential Compression

11/20 (Fri) 09:00–12:15 (UTC00:00/EST19:00/PST16:00)

09:00–09:22 Evgeny. V Mishin
The Turbulent Plasmasphere Boundary Layer: Wave-Particle Interactions
09:22–09:45 James Burch
Plasma Waves Observed in Electron Diffusion Regions by MMS
09:45–10:07 Gerard M. Chanteur
An Optimal Algebraic Approach to Multi‐Spacecraft Field Analysis
10:07–10:30 Huishan Fu
Whistler waves around magnetic reconnection X-line
10:45–11:07 Takanobu Amano
MMS Observation of Nonthermal Electron Acceleration Associated with High-Frequency Whistler Waves at Earth’s Bow Shock
11:07–11:30 Frederick D. Wilder
Whistler-Mode Waves Associated With Magnetic Reconnection at Earth’s Dayside Magnetopause
11:30–11:52 Masahiro Hoshino
Preferential Ion and Electron Heating during Magnetic Reconnection
11:52–12:15 Seiji Zenitani
Electron physics near the X-line in asymmetric magnetic reconnection

11/20 (Fri) 21:00–24:00 (UTC12:00/EST07:00/PST04:00)

21:00–21:22 Iku Shinohara
MeV electrons observed at the plasma sheet boundary
21:22–21:45 Janos Lichtenberger
Severe Erosion of the Plasmasphere or Notch or Something Else?
21:45–22:07 Mark A. Clilverd
Towards Developing a Nowcasting Solar Flare Capability Using Subionospheric VLF Radio: Addressing the ICAO Call for Global Aviation
22:07–22:30 Yusuke Ebihara
Nonlinear Wave Growth Analysis of Whistler-Mode Chorus Generation Regions on the Basis of Coupled MHD and Advection Simulation of the Inner Magnetosphere
22:45–23:07 Yoshiharu Omura
Generation mechanism of lower band and upper band whistler-mode chorus emissions in the inner magnetosphere
23:07–23:30 Konstantinos Papadopoulos
Active Experiments in the Inner Radiation Belt
23:30–23:52 Gura Ganguli
Harnessing the Dual Nature of Plasma Turbulence in the Near-Earth Space Environment
23:52–24:00 Yoshiharu Omura


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