Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere

Humanosphere Science School 2017 (HSS2017)

Date 2017(平成29)年11月1日(水)~2日(木)
Place Salak Tower Hotel (インドネシア共和国ボゴール市)
Host 京都大学生存圏研究所、インドネシア科学院(LIPI)
Research Leader 矢野浩之 (京都大学生存圏研究所生物機能材料分野)
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Webサイト: The 7th ISSH/HSS 2017






HSSは若手研究者・学生を対象とし、生存圏科学全般について最新の研究成果を紹介するとともに、生存圏科学の国際的かつ多面的な発展を企図した活動を維持発展させることを目的としている。日本人学生も参加・研究発表させることにより国際的な視野を持った研究者の育成も目指している。本年度は、ボゴール市のSalak Tower Hotelにおいて開催し、199名の参加を集め、生存圏科学に関連する科学技術について議論を深めた。また、本年度は総長裁量経費の支援を受けることができ、例年よりも多い若手研究者(大学院生・研究員)27名の参加が実現した。JASTIP(日ASEAN科学技術イノベーション共同研究拠点-持続可能開発研究の推進)やSATREPSプロジェクト(熱帯荒廃草原の植生回復によるバイオマスエネルギーとマテリアル生産)との共催により、関連研究者に講演いただくとともに、旅費の支援を得ることができた。




Day 1: November 1st, 2017

07:30–08:30 Registration
08:30–08:35 Opening ceremony of HSS-ISSH 2017
08:35–08:40 National Anthem “Indonesia Raya”
08:40–08:55 Opening remarks by LIPI
Prof. Enny Sudarmonowati - LIPI
08:55–09:10 Opening remarks by BAPPENAS
Dr. Arifin Rudiyanto, M.Sc - BAPPENAS
09:10–09:25 Opening remarks & Introduction of Asia Research Node (ARN) by RISH, Kyoto University
Prof. Takashi Watanabe
09:25–09:35 Official conferment of ISO Certification 9001:2015 to Research Center for Biomaterials LIPI
09:35–09:45 Photo session
09:45–10:00 Morning tea
Lecture Session I
10:00–10:25 Lecture 1
Prof. Dr. MA Yunita Triwardani W (University of Indonesia)
(The Role of Interdisciplinary Approach in Improving Farmer’s Resilience to Climate Change: Its potentials and challenges)
10:25–10:50 Lecture 2
Dr. Amy Duchelle (CIFOR)
(CIFOR’s Poverty and Environment Network: How global comparative data can challenge conventional wisdom)
10:50–11:15 Lecture 3
Prof. Hiroyuki Yano (RISH, Kyoto University)
(Development of the continuous production process (Kyoto Process) of cellulose nanofibers reinforced plastics)
11:15–11:40 Lecture 4
Dr. Wahyu Dwianto (RC Biomaterials, LIPI)
(Relaxing internal stress, a key factor to physical treatment in wood)
11:40–12:05 Lecture 5
Dr. Chartchai Khanongnuch (FAI, Chiang Mai University)
(Recent Situation and Prospect of Biomass Conversion to Biofuel and Biorefinery in Thailand)
12:05–13:00 Lunch
Lecture Session II
13:00–13:10 Brief Introduction about JASTIP Program
Prof. Takashi Watanabe
13:10–13:35 Lecture 6
Dr. Akihisa Kitamori (RISH, Kyoto University)
(Research Activities on Traditional Wooden Buildings of Indonesia and Japan)
13:35–14:00 Lecture 7
Dr. Aya Yanagawa (RISH, Kyoto University)
(Insects and Human Activities on Microwave Usage)
14:00–14:25 Lecture 8
Prof. Mamoru Kanzaki (GSA, Kyoto University)
(Sustainable Forest Management: Challenges in Japan and Indonesia)
14:25–14:35 Opening remarks and speech by Executive Vice-President of Kyoto University
Prof. Kayo Inaba
14:35–15:35 Poster session I
15:35–15:50 Transferring time and coffee break
15:50–16:50 Parallel Session I
16:50–17:00 Closing Day 1
19:00–21:00 Banquet

Day 2: November 2nd, 2017

08:00–08:30 Registration
Lecture Session III
08:30–08:40 Brief Introduction about SATREPS Program
Prof. Toshiaki Umezawa
08:40–09:05 Lecture 9
Dr. Yuki Tobimatsu (RISH, Kyoto University)
(Plant Cell Wall Structure and Chemistry)
09:05–09:30 Lecture 10
Dr. Masahiro Sakamoto (GSA, Kyoto University)
(Engineering of Carbon Metabolism in Plant Biotechnology)
09:30–09:55 Lecture 11
Dr. Takuji Miyamoto (RISH, Kyoto University)
(Molecular breeding technologies for crop improvement)
09:55–10:10 Coffee break
Lecture Session IV
10:10–10:35 Lecture 12
Dr. Masaru Kobayashi (GSA, Kyoto University)
(Plant mineral nutrition: fertilizer application and nutritional diagnosis)
10:35–11:00 Lecture 13
Dr. Kenji Umemura (RISH, Kyoto University)
(Adhesion and adhesives technology for lignocellulose)
11:00–11:25 Lecture 14
Dr. Chin-Cheng Yang (RISH, Kyoto University)
(Ecology and management of the invasive species: yellow crazy ant as an example)
11:25–12:25 Poster Session II
12:25–13:30 Lunch
13:30–13:55 Lecture 15
Prof. Yoshiharu Omura (RISH, Kyoto University)
(Exploration of Radiation Belts by Space Radio Engineering)
13:55–14:20 Lecture 16
Prof. Mamoru Yamamoto (RISH, Kyoto University)
(Study of ionospheric irregularities by using radar and sounding rocket)
14:20–14:30 Transferring time
14:30–15:30 Parallel Session II
15:30–15:45 Coffee break
15:45–16:55 Parallel Session III
16:55–17:10 Announcement of the best presentation
17:10–17:20 Closing remarks by RC Biomaterials, LIPI
Prof. Dr. Sulaeman Yusuf, M.Agr
17:20–17:30 Closing remarks by RISH Kyoto Univ.
Prof. Yoshiharu Omura


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