311th Regular Open Seminar
Vibration performance of mass timber buildings

Update: 2024/07/01

Date 7/17(WED) , 2024 12:30-13:20
Secretary Jianhui Zhou
Mission ミッション4 循環材料・環境共生システム
ミッション5 高品位生存圏
Keyword mass timber building,floor vibration,building vibration,severability design

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Mass timber buildings are increasing in height and size globally, driven by advancements in research on their seismic and fire performance, changes in building codes, sustainability credits, and off-site construction methods. The high strength-to-density ratio of wood benets seismic performance; however, it poses challenges in meeting the serviceability design criteria for human- and wind-induced vibrations. This presentation will provide an introduction to the vibration performance of mass timber buildings, focusing on the design for mass timber floor vibration serviceability and the dynamic properties of selected mass timber buildings. Research findings from a Canadian context will be presented and discussed, with suggestions for future research.

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