Koyama, Shigaraki-cho, Koga-city, Shiga 529-1812 Japan
 Tel +81-748-82-3211, Fax +81-748-82-3217
 To visitors by bus: We recommend to use a bus with the width of 2.31 m or less, the height of 3.3 m or less and the length of  6.99 m or less, because the access road to the MU radar Observatory is narrow.

●Observation facility
  ・The MU radar ・Ionosonde Radiosonde receier ・Lower-thermosphere profiler radar ・Rayleigh/Raman lidar
  ・Dual-frequency weather radar ・Boundary-layer radar ・Radio acoustic sounding system (RASS) 
  ・Rain-intensity gauge ・Meteorological-satellite receiver system

●Visit to the observatory
  The Observatory welcomes any visitors. We can accept visitors on workdays between 9:00 and 17:00.
  Prior notification is required before your visit.

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