The MU radar is one of the most multi-functional atmospheric radar with an active phased array system consisted of 475 antenna elements. The MU radar has a monostatic circular antenna with a diameter of 103 m, which can be divided to 25 independent subarrays. Tropospheric and lower stratospheric observations (2-25 km), mesospheric observations (60-90 km), and ionospheric observations (80-500 km) are available.
The MU radar imaging observation system installed in 2004 can switch the operational frequency between 46.0 MHz to 47.0 MHz in every Inter-Pulse Period (IPP). The receiver system is also upgraded to 29-channel digital receivers. The received signal of each sub-array can be independently detected, and combined in the digital processing. This new feature enables us the multifunctional observation of Coherent Radar Imaging (CRI) and Range Imaging (RIM) techniques.

See the detailed information about the MU radar and the Shigaraki MU Observatory and MUradar below.

The MU radar
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