Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere

The 364th Symposium on Sustainable Humanosphere
Invasive Ant Conference 2018

Date 2018-01-23
Place Kihada Hall, Uji Obaku Plaza, Uji Campus, Kyoto University, Uji, Kyoto, Japan.
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Biological invasions by ants are regarded as one of the main drivers of loss of humanosphere sustainability. The red imported fire ants have been discovered in Japan recently and have raised huge public concerns even though no field population was reported yet. In response to the concerns, the Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere (RISH) was appointed by Kyoto University to host an international conference on invasive ants, namely “Invasive Ant Conference 2018”, at Uji Campus, Kyoto University 23rd January 2018. RISH invites a total of 8 speakers (6 international and 2 domestic speakers) to share their recent research breakthrough and experience on various invasive ants which include red imported fire ant, yellow crazy ant, Argentine ant, Asian needle ant and also big-picture ecology and management of invasive ants. The one-day conference is expected to provide an immediate forum to allow scientists, pest control personnel and public to interact with invited speakers, in which the proper knowledge of ant invasions can be delivered accordingly. Such an event not only fits in RISH’s Mission 5 where a higher quality of the future humanosphere is being pursued through social connections and internationalization, but also puts RISH in a leading position in solving the emerging humanosphere issues such as biological invasion.

27 December, 2017.
22 December, 2017.

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