Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere

The 355th Symposium on Sustainable Humanosphere
Fire Ant Workshop 2017

Date 2017-10-10 13:00–17:30
Place Campus Plaza Kyoto, Lecture Room 2
Post 2017-08-22 20:09:07

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Purpose and contents

Biological invasions by ants are regarded as one of the main drivers of loss of humanosphere sustainability. The red imported fire ants have been discovered in numerous seaports of Japan recently, raising a serious concern that this invasive ant might have established in other places in Japan but remain largely undetected. In response to this, the Ministry of Environment in accordance of the Japanese Pest Control Association (JPCA) is funding a nationwide surveillance project where a total of 68 seaports in Japan are subject to a detailed survey regime in next few months. To ensure this project is carried out with an efficient manner, RISH is going to host a one-day workshop to provide an immediate forum to educate/equip relevant personnel involved in this project with proper knowledge of fire ants. Two experts with international expertise on fire ants from the US will be invited to present as lectures. They also will be joined by three scientists from Japan including Dr. Chin-Cheng Yang (RISH, Kyoto University). Their lectures will cover identification, ecology, control and current status of fire ants in Japan and Taiwan. Such an event not only perfectly fits in RISH’s Mission 5 where a higher quality of the future humanosphere is being pursued through social connections and internationalization, but also puts RISH in a leading position to coordinate such a nationwide eradication campaign on fire ant.

22 August, 2017.

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