The 329th Symposium on Sustainable Humanosphere
Humanosphere Science School 2016 (HSS2016)

開催日時 2016-11-15/16
開催場所 IPB International Convention Center (IPB ICC), Bogor, Indonesia.

Web site: The 6th ISSH-HSS 2016


November 15th, 2016

08:30–09:00Coffee Morning
09:00–09:10Opening ceremony of HSS-ISSH 2016
09:10–09:25Opening remarks LIPI
09:25–09:40Opening remarks by Prof. Takashi Watanabe - RISH, Kyoto Univ.
09:40–09:45Photo session
09:45–10:00Brief introduction on new collaborative project between LIPI - RISH by Prof. Toshiaki Umezawa
Lecture Session I
10:00–10:40Lecture 1 (Assoc. Prof. Masaru Kobayashi - GSA, Kyoto Univ.) - Plant Nutrition
10:40–11:20Lecture 2 (Assoc. Prof. Masahiro Sakamoto - GSA, Kyoto Univ.) - Plant Molecular Biology
11:20–12:00Lecture 3 (Prof. Daisuke Shibata - Kazusa DNA Research Institute) - Bioinformatics
Lecture Session II
13:00–13:40Lecture 4 (Prof. Cecep Kusmana -IPB) - Forest Ecology
13:40–14:20Lecture 5 (Dr. Himlal Baral - CIFOR) - Forestry Issue
14:20–15:00Lecture 6 (Robertus Heru Triharjanto - LAPAN) - Satellite Technology
Parallel Session of ISSH
15:00–16:35Parallel session 1
16:35–16:45Closing Day 1

November 16th, 2016

08:30–09:00Coffee Morning
Lecture Session III
08:30–09:10Lecture 7 (Assist. Prof. Takuro Mori - RISH, Kyoto Univ.) -Wood Structure
09:10–09:50Lecture 8 (Dr. Euis Hermiati - LIPI) - Wood Adhesive from Natural Latex
09:50–10:30Lecture 9 (Assoc. Prof. Kenji Umemura - RISH, Kyoto Univ) - Wood Based Material
10:30–11:10Lecture 10 (Prof. Naoki Shinohara - RISH, Kyoto Univ.) - Wireless Power Transmission
11:10–11:50Lecture 11 (Dr. Danny H Natawidjaja - LIPI) -
Earth Science and Dissaster
11:50–12:00JST Funding Program for International Collaborative Research (Masahito Yano - JST)
Parallel Session of ISSH
13:30–14:30Parallel session 2
14:30–15:30Parallel session 3
15:30–15:45Announcement of the best presentation
15:45–16:00Closing ceremony
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13 December, 7 November, 2016