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Adhesive / Durability

084.gifApplication to natural adhesive of natural organic acid   photo!
084.gifDevelopment of chitosan-based adhesive
084.gifProduction of high durability of the adhesive from the fast-growing tree bark
084.gifApplication as an adhesive and elucidation of the adhesion mechanism of
  binderless board  photo!
084.gifDevelopment and utilization of lignin adhesive
084.gifResearch on durability of isocyanate-based adhesive

Material development

084.gifDevelopment of fiber-reinforced materials using plant fiber   photo!
084.gifDevelopment of ultra-light fiber board
084.gifDevelopment of composite material using bamboo charcoal
084.gifRapid molding technology of wood cement board

Overall project

084.gifResearch on aging and life prediction of wood and wood-based material
084.gifResearch on the elucidation of the clean air function of wood