The 413th Symposium on Sustainable Humanosphere
Science Meeting for Plasma and Nanobubble Research

開催日時 2019-11-01 & 2019-12-27

Venue: Tohoku Gakuin University (Tagajo Campus)
Date: Friday, November 1, 2019, 13:00–17:00


13:00–13:05Opening greeting
13:05–13:45Invited Lecture “Electrical Properties of Nanobubble”
Yoshikatsu Ueda (Kyoto University)
13:45–14:25Invited Lecture “Development and Application of Non-contact Surface Resistivity and Volume Resistivity Measurement Methods”
Toshiyuki Sugimoto (Yamagata University)
14:25–14:40coffee break
14:40–15:00“Design and Development of Broadband Rhombus Folded Antenna”
Satoshi Kobayashi (Tohoku Gakuin University)
15:00–15:20“Near Transient Magnetic Field and Distance Characteristics of Magnetic Field Peak Value via Spherical Electrode ESD”
Kento Kato (Tohoku Gakuin University)
15:20–15:40“Observation of Pulse Discharge on Liquid Surface and Evaluation of Hydroxy Radical Generation Efficiency”
Katsuyuki Takahashi (Iwate University)
15:40–16:55Free discussion

16 October, 2019