Data (July, 2001)

Please note: If you acquire EAR data, we ask that you acknowledge us in your use of the data. This may be done by including text such as EAR data provided by Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere of Kyoto University. We would also appreciate receiving a copy of the relevant publications. Thank you!

Archive parameters:

CSV (Comma Separated Values) and NetCDF (Network Common Data From) formatted data are available. File names of CSV data are composed of date and variable abbreviations: (year)(month)(day).(observation parameter).(variable)(beam No.).csv. File names of NetCDF data are composed of date: (year)(month)(day).(observation parameter).nc.

Variables File Units Comments
Echo Power pwr dB Arbitrary unit
Spectral width wdt m/s Half power full width
Radial Doppler Velocity dpl m/s
Noise Level pn dB Arbitrary unit

Data Format (CSV)

July 30, 2001
Region Parameter Data Range-Time-Intensity plot
E/F faiefb1p16 CSV: 20010730.faiefb1p16.csv.tar.gz

July 31, 2001
Region Parameter Data Range-Time-Intensity plot
E faieb4p4 CSV: 20010731.faieb4p4.csv.tar.gz