Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Kyoto University.
Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Kyoto University.

Facilities of Cooperative Study Program:
Microwave Energy Transmission Laboratories


METLAB are facilities for studies on Microwave Power Transmission (MPT), Solar Power station/satellite (SPS), and radio science and technology. The cooperative study program allows access to METLAB to researchers in the field of not only MPT and SPS but also agriculture.

Microwave Energy Transmission Laboratory (METLAB)

METLAB is composed of an anechoic radio wave chamber and experimental rooms especially designed for MPT experiments. Special absorbers which can absorb a microwave power of 1 W/cm2 max. are installed on one wall of the METLAB. They make easy to carry out the MPT experiments.

METLAB: Microwave Energy Transmission LABoratory


Anechoic Radio Wave Chamber

Anechoic Radio Wave Chamber.

Measurement Room

Measurement Room.

Solar Power Station/Satellite Laboratory (SPSLAB)

SPSLAB is composed of an 100 dB shielded room, three 30 dB shielded rooms. Measuring instruments for the MPT/SPS study are equipped in each room. The 100 dB shielded room also equips a near field scanner to carry out antenna pattern measurements.

SPSLAB: Solar Power Station/Satellite LABoratory


100 dB Shielded Room

100 dB Shielded Room.

Near Field Scanner

Near Field Scanner.

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