12th China Korea Japan Seminar

18-20 December 2017

Uji, Kyoto, Japan

Jointly organized by 346th RISH Symposium
on Wood Culture and Science XVII

12th CKJ Seminar

Oral session: Kihada Hall

8:50-9:00    Opening Remarks Director Takashi Watanabe, RISH, Kyoto University

9:00-9:50    Chair: Prof. Yuzou Sano

Keiji Takabe : Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University

Function of the Golgi apparatus in differentiating xylem of compression wood in Chamaecyparis obtusa

Hyunwoo Chung : Department of Forest Sciences, Seoul National university

Study on Wood Drying using Supercritical Fluid

Hanseob Jeong : National Institute of Forest Science

Sugar production by continuous pilot-scale supercritical water hydrolysis of Quercus mongolica

9:50-10:50   Chair: Prof. In-Gyu Choi 

Zhenfu Jin : Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University

Lignin/APP IFR and its flame retardancy in lignin based rigid polyurethane foams

Yan Xia : South-west Forestry University

Efficacy of okara protein as a chelant with copper and boron compounds in wood preservatives

June-Ho Choi : College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University

Simultaneous production of glucose, organosolv lignin, and furfural for total utilization of lignocelluosic biomass by organosolv pretreatment

Mingzhu Pan : Nanjing Forestry University

Flammability of wood fiber-polyethylene composites influenced nanocrystalline cellulose and ammonium polyphosphate

10:55-11:55   Chair: Prof. Changtong Mei

Soichi Tanaka : RISH, Kyoto University

Control of distribution of substance impregnated into wood for wood flow forming technique

Noboru Nakamura : Akita Prefectural University

Try to developping of low cost and competitive self-charring stop type fire resistant wooden members without chemicals and inorganic materials

Jung-Kwon Oh : College of Agriculture and Life Sciences,Seoul National University

Development of Korean building code for small building

Hyeon-jeong Lee : College of Agriculture and Life Sciences,Seoul National University

Knot detection in large cross section timber by inline tomography

Lunch Break

13:00-14:00   Chair: Dr. Yoshiki Horikawa

Lichao Jiao : Chinese Research Institute of Wood Industry, Chinese Academy of Forestry

DNA Barcode Authentication of Endangered and Precious Timber Species of Pterocarpus: Use of Wood Xylarium for Development of DNA Reference Library

Sung-Wook Hwang : RISH, Kyoto University

Application of SIFT as a tool for extracting feature from microscopic image for Lauraceae classification

Sang-Yun Yang : Seoul National University

Near-infrared spectroscopic classification of Korean domestic softwood species using partial least squares discriminant analysis

Yafang Yin : Chinese Research Institute of Wood Industry, Chinese Academy of Forestry

Genera Identification and Structure Changes in the Cell Wall of Wood from Waterlogged Archaeological Relics

14:10-14:55   Chair: Dr. Shengcheng Zhai 

Yoshiki Horikawa : Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Longitudinal suprastructure of cellulose microfibrils in aquatic algae chara

Guomin Zhao : College of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanjing Forestry University

Preparation and properties of waterborne poly(acrylic acid) coatings with NCC/SiO2 hybrid colloids

Shu Hong : Nanjing Forestry University

Synthesis of Phenol Formaldehyde resin (PF) for fast manufacturing Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)

346th RISH Symposium on

Wood Culture and Science XVII


A Cherry Bark : Culture, Formation, Structure and Function

Moderator: Junji Sugiyama, RISH, Kyoto University

Ms Yoko Ura, Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties

Dr Kayoko Kobayashi, RISH, Kyoto University

Prof Yuzou Sano, Hokkaido University

12 th CKJ Seminar

Poster session: Hybrid Space 

8:30 - 17:30 (Core Time 15:00 - 15:50 )

P-1: Hyunbin Kim (Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University)

    Moisture Transfer in Softwood with Large Cross Section during  High-temperature Drying

P-2: Shenyuan Fu (Zhejiang A&F University) 

    Effect of the mass fraction of xylan on the dimensional stabilization of wood

P-3: Yonggun Park (Seoul National University) 

    Changes of major chemical components in larch wood by superheated steam heat treatment

P-4: Minzhi Chen (College of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanjing Forestry University)

    Activated tannin-based carbon cryogel and its application in supercapacitor

P-5: Bonwook Koo (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH))

    Analysis of Wood & Cotton Linter Pulps as source materials for the cellulose derivatives

P-6: Hailan Lian (Nanjing Forestry University) 

    Lignin's Treatment,Regeneration and Using in DES of Acetamide/ZnCl2

P-7: Myungkil Kim (National Institute of Forest Science)

    Transcriptomic profiling analysis of signal trasduction during lignin biodegradation by Phanerochaete chrysosporium

P-8: Jong-Hwa Kim (Department of Forest Sciences, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)

     Evaluation of ethoxymethylfurfural production from glucose by solid acid catalysts

P-9: Seung Heon Yeon (Department of Forest Sciences, College of Agriculture and Life sciences, Seoul National University) 

    Classification of Korean Gymnosperms Using Near-infrared (NIR) Spectra and Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

P-10: Seong-Min Cho (Department of Forest Sciences, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University)

    Strategies for the Application of Terpenes Derived from Biomass to Diesel-ranged Hydrocarbon Fuel

P-11: Wenzhu Li (Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University) 

    Analysis on Components of Essential Oil from Chinese fir by Different Extraction Process

P-12: Bingwei Chen (Nanijng Forestry University)

    Effect of dilute acid/ alkaline pretreatment on Arundo donax during enzymatic hydrolysis

P-13: Xiaoyan Zhou (College of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanjing Forestry University)

     Enhancing resin efficiency in plywood production by air spray atomization and veneer surface plasma treatment

P-14: Lingfei Ma (Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University)

    The influence of materials ratio on China- fir magnesium oxychloride cement particleboard properties

P-15: Jun Qian (College of Engineering, Zhejiang A&F University

  Study on the Effect of Moisture Content on the Morphology of Chinese Fir on Different Layers and Gluing

P-16: Xue Wang (College of Engineering and Technology, Northeast Forestry University)

  Bending behaviour of sandwich structures with natural fiber reinforced composite lattice core and spruce wood surface

P-17: Chungui Du (School of Engineering, Zhejiang Agriculture & Forestry University)

    Synthesis of thermo-responsive nanogels and its impregnation process for bamboo Strips

P-18: Kentaro Abe (Kyoto University) 

    High-strength nanocomposite based on fibrillated chemi-thermomechanical pulp

P-19: Zhanguo Wei (Central South University of Forestry and Technolog)

    Methods for Evaluating Mechanical Properties of Wood/Plastic Composite Pallets

P-20: Satoshi Tanaka (Hiroshima University) 

    Study on creep behavior of joint part of timber-concrete composite floor system

P-21: Hyun Bae Kim (The university of Tokyo)

    Application of shape-stabilized phase change material sheets to reduce winter heating load in timber house

P-22: Akihisa Kitamori (RISH, Kyoto University, Japan)

     Investigation of construction technique on traditional wooden buildings  of Chinese minority, Dong people

P-23: Kotaro Sumida (RISH, Kyoto University, Japan) 

    Experimental Seismic Response of a Full-Scale  Japanese Conventional Wooden Post and Beam Building

P-24: Yujing Nie (Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University)

    Effect of High Temperature Hot-pressing Treatment  on plantation Chinese Fir Color

P-25: Suyako Tazuru (Kyoto University) 

    Traditional wood selection in tea ceremony room in Japan

P-26: Junji Sugiyama (RISH, Kyoto University) 

    Quantification of anatomical features by computer vision using humanosphere database of wood collections

P-27: Peter Kitin (Forest Products Laboratory)

    Microscopy and chemical fingerprinting for wood identification of Afzelia species

P-28: Lei Qin (Southwest Forestry University)

    Analysis on Discoloration Causes of Woody Relics in Hai Menkou Reinforced by PEG

P-29: Qiang Wu (Zhejiang A&F University) 

    Influence of surface charge density and NaCl concentration on the intrinsic viscosity of cellulose nanocrystal suspensions

P-30: Chunde  Jin (Zhejiang A&F University) 

    A 3D titanate aerogel with cellulose as the adsorption-aggregator for highly efficient water purification

P-31: Xiaohuan Liu (Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University)

    Preparation and characterization of zirconia-loaded lignocellulosic butanol residue as a biosorbent for phosphate removal from aqueous solution

P-32: Hongzhi Liu (School of Engineering, Zhejiang Agriculture & Forestry University)

    A multi-functional nanocellulose aerogel-type adsorbent for the efficient removal of pollutants from water

Notice for participants

1) RISH Kyoto University Laboratory Tour (day1, 18th December 2017)

1-1) Registration, 12:00-13:00

1-2) Labo tour, 13:00-16:00

Please gather at Wood composite hall in Uji campus at 13:00. We plan to visit several laboratories in wood science and technology.

  1. 2)CKJ seminar (day2, 19th December 2017)

2-1) Registration, 8:30-9:00

2-2) Oral presentation

At Kihada Hall (Obaku Plaza). Each presentation have 12 minutes presentation and 3 minutes for discussion. Please prepare your talk and slides in concise English!!

2-3) Poster presentation

At Hybrid Space (Obaku Plaza).

Please prepare your poster in A0(zero) size.

You may post after 8:30 to 17:30. The core time  for discussion is scheduled from 15:00-15:50.


3) Excursion (day3, 20th December 2017)

We will gather Kyoto station, South entrance (Hachijyo guchi) in the morning (Group A: 8:30, Group B: 9:30). At the registration desk, we will inform you in which group you are) and visit Japanese Sake brewery and Kitayama sugi (local Cryptomeria japonica) foresty site. Coming back to the downtown we will enjoy Tofu lunch and afterwards may have some time to walk around. Please prepare warm and comfortable clothes and shoes for walking.

4) Access

Please refer http://www.uji.kyoto-u.ac.jp/english/access_e.html.

JR line from Kansai Airport to Kyoto (Express Haruka), then Kyoto to Obaku (Nara line) is the easiest. There are several other possibilities, for instance, limousine bus directory to your hotel. Please contact to your travel agency for more details.

Registration dead line is 30th of November, 2017

Registration for attending the forthcoming CKJ seminar will be closed soon !

Please go to the following link ASAP : https://amarys-jtb.jp/346thRISHSymposium/

Contacts: ckj2017uji@rish.kyoto-u.ac.jp

    Secretary general:Dr Suyako TAZURU, Ms Nanako SUGANO

    Chairperson : Prof Junji SUGIYAMA