Crystallinity of cellulose in the differentiation zone of Cryptomeria japonica.(Müller et al, 2002)

The first successful application of the novel technique of X-ray microbeam diffraction to the study of wood cell walls in developing xylem tissue. We find that the crystal size of cellulose is increasing from the primary wall (P, <19 Å) over the outer layer (S1, 19 Å) to the middle layer of the secondary wall (S2, 24 Å). In particular, the cellulose crystals formed in the primary wall consist of an extremely low-crystalline state of cellulose I. We suggest the more applicable concept of microfibrils with increasing lateral disorder, similar to cellulose IV I.

Microbeam optics (2μm) at ESRF ID13
X-ray diffraction map obtained from cross section of Cryptomeria japonica.