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When I used electron microscopy at first time, what I see has not been understood at all. Because the image under high magnification is so different from that seen with the unassisted eye, in retrospect, I realized that confusion. I, at that time, continued to unsurely take the images every day, even though compared to image in published paper. One day, I surveyed negative film using loupe with nearly giving up as always, the structure consisted of 6 particles each of around 8 nm was found. This is cellulose synthase named ‘rosette TC’ localized in the plasma membrane. Since the period of failure was very long, I repeated to check the structure in the negative film without cooling down my excitement. Will you also touch such impression?

I think that it cannot understand my feelings only from reading sentences, so please visit our laboratory once. Though the negative film can not be used for publishment due to too bad on focus and/or astigmatism, I importantly keep it in my shelf.

From lab. student