CPEA Symposium 本文へジャンプ
Symposium sessions and suggested topics

Union session

General lectures (two lectures expected) by prominent scientists on the dynamics, electrodynamics and photochemistry of the atmosphere and the role of vertical coupling processes.。

Topic 1:"Evolution of convective clouds, and their coupling with meso- to large-scale precipitation systems"

Observational and modeling studies of the evolution of clouds and the precipitation system, and its relation to atmospheric disturbances and/or generation of atmospheric waves.

Topic 2:"Time-spatial structure of atmospheric waves and energy transportation"

Generation, propagation, and breaking of equatorial atmospheric waves, i.e., tides, Kelvin waves, and gravity waves. Time-spatial variation of atmospheric waves that propagate from the lower atmosphere into the middle/upper atmosphere, and elucidation of upward transportation of energy and momentum by the waves.

Topic 3:"Behavior of minor constituents in the atmosphere –– Coupling between atmospheric dynamics and chemistry"

Studies of the transport of minor constituents from the troposphere to the stratosphere, i.e., ozone and water vapor, behavior of mesospheric metallic layers, and temperature inversion layers.

Topic 4:"Variation of the thermosphere and ionosphere owing to the energy of atmospheric waves"

Coupling processes between the ionosphere and thermosphere, and the dynamical forcing from the lower atmosphere. Equatorial spread-F, E-region irregularities, and the equatorial electrojet.

NOTE: Scientific sessions of the symposium will be decided through discussion by international conveners. Here we show topics for the symposium.