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CAWSES International Workshop on Space Weather Modeling (CSWM)


日時: 2006(平成18)年11月14日 (火) 9:20~17日 (金) 17:00
場所: 海洋研究開発機構 横浜研究所 地球シミュレータセンター
主催者: (独)海洋研究開発機構 地球シミュレータセンター
申請代表者: 草野完也 ((独)海洋研究開発機構地球シミュレータセンター)
所内担当者: 大村善治 (京都大学生存圏研究所生存科学計算機実験分野)







November 14
(Chair: T. Sakurai)
9:20–  9:30 Opening
K. Kusano
9:30–10:00 S. Tsuneta (invited):
“Hinode” A New Solar Observatory in Space —Current Status—
10:00–10:20 Y. Katsukawa:
First Light of Solar Optical Telescope (SOT) on HINODE
10:20–10:40 H. Hara:
Hinode X-ray Telescope and EUV Imaging Spectrometer
10:40–11:00 break
(Chair: T. Obara)
11:00–11:40 F. R. Toffoletto (invited):
Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling: A Modeler’s Perspective
11:40–12:00 H. Shinagawa:
Development of the NICT real-time thermosphere-ionosphere simulator
12:00–12:40 H. Fujiwara (invited):
GCM simulations of the thermaospherer/ionosphere
12:40–14:00 lunch
(Chair: T. Yokoyama)
14:00–14:40 V. Archontis (invited):
Emergence and eruptions of magnetic flux in the solar atmosphere
14:40–15:00 H. Kurokawa:
Observational Evidences of Emerging Twisted Magnetic Flux Ropes in Strong Flare Regions
15:00–15:20 N. Gopalswamy:
Coronal Mass Ejections and Adverse Space Weather
15:20–15:40 S. Pohjolainen:
Tracing CMEs from the corona to 1 AU in radio emission
Poster I (Chair: T. Yokoyama)
15:40–16:10 Short Oral Presentation
16:10–17:40 Core Presentation Time
17:40–18:40 Virtual Conference I
November 15
(Chair: T. Terasawa)
9:00–  9:35 T. Wiegelmann (invited):
Nonlinear force-free field modeling of the solar coronal magnetic field
9:35–10:00 Y. Yan (invited):
Nonlinear Force-Free Field Modeling of Solar Coronal Magnetic Fields
10:00–10:20 H. He:
Non-linear force-free magnetic field extrapolation scheme based on the direct boundary integral formulation
10:20–10:40 break
(Chair: S. Machida)
10:40–11:20 W. B. Manchester (invited):
Simulations of the Sun-Earth System: Modeling the Halloween Events with SWMF
11:20–12:00 D. Odstrcil (invited):
Numerical Modeling of May 1998 Interplanetary CME Events
12:00–12:20 K. Hayashi:
MHD simulation of solar corona and solar wind and the sub-Alfvenic boundary treatments to utilize the measurement data
12:20–12:40 T. Miyoshi:
A positively conservative scheme for MHD in space plasma simulations
12:40–14:00 lunch
(Chair: K. Maezawa)
14:00–14:40 G. Li (invited):
Particle acceleration and transport in large SEP events
14:40–15:00 N. V. Nitta:
SEP Properties and Magnetic Field Connection of the Source Region
15:00–15:20 M. Oka:
Particle Acceleration by Shocks and the Whistler Critical Mach Number
15:20–15:40 I. Shinohara:
Electron acceleration via magnetic island coalescence
15:40–16:00 break
16:00–17:00 “The Earth Simulator” Tour
17:00–18:00 Bus Transportation
18:00–20:00 Banquet at China Town, Yokohama
November 16
(Chair: M. Ugai)
9:00–  9:40 T. Amari (invited):
9:40–10:20 B. Kliem (invited):
Mechanisms and Kinematics of CoronalMass Ejections
10:20–10:40 D. Shiota:
Three dimensional Magnetohydrodinamic modeling of Coronal Mass Ejections
10:40–11:00 break
(Chair: M. Hoshino)
11:00–11:40 T. G. Onsager (invited):
Scientific Model Developments Needed to Mitigate Space Weather Impacts
11:40–12:20 J. Raeder (invited):
Progress and Challenges Modeling the Geospace Environment
12:20–12:40 T. Ogino:
An MHD Simulation of the Solar Wind-Magnetosphere Interaction on Substorms and Magnetospheric Storms
12:40–14:00 lunch
(Chair: Y. Omura)
14:00–14:40 M. Fok (invited):
Modeling the Inner Magnetosphere
14:40–15:00 R. Kataoka:
MHD and ring current simulations of a superstorm on 20 November 2003
15:00–15:20 H. Shimazu:
Real-time global MHD simulation of the solar wind interaction with the earth’s magnetosphere
15:20–15:40 S. Fujita:
A numerical simulation of an overshielding effect of the magnetospheric convection electric field
Poster II (Chair: Y. Omura)
15:40–16:10 Short Oral Presentation
16:10–17:40 Core Presentation Time
17:40–18:40 Virtual Conference II
November 17
(Chair: TBD)
9:00–  9:40 M. Rempel (invited):
Modeling and predicting solar cycles using a flux-transport dynamo
9:40–10:00 T. Magara:
Photospheric and coronal activities dynamically produced by flux emergence
10:00–10:20 H. Wang:
Correlation between Solar Flare Procuntivity and Photospheric Magnetic Field Properties
10:20–10:40 A. Asai:
Anemone Structure and Geo-Effective Flares/CMEs
10:40–11:00 break
(Chair: T. Kikuchi)
11:00–11:40 B. T. Welsch (invited):
Forecasting Space Weather with Dynamic Coronal Models
11:40–12:00 T. K. Suzuki:
Forecasting Solar Wind Speeds
12:00–12:20 D. Nagata:
Solar wind control of plasma number density in the near-Earth plasma sheet: Coordinated study of WIND-ACE/GEOTAIL observations
12:20–12:40 Y. Katoh:
Particle simulation of VLF triggered emissions —roles of the nonlinear cyclotron resonant interaction in the wave generation process
12:40–14:00 lunch
(Chair: TBD)
14:00–14:40 K. Kusano (invited):
Predictability of Solar Flare Onset and Multi-scale Modelings for Space Weather Dynamics
14:40–15:00 T. Sugiyama:
MHD-PIC Interlocked Simulation Model for Magnetic Reconnection
15:00–15:20 T. Umeda:
Polynomial interpolation for hyperbolic conservation laws (PIC) scheme: Application to Vlasov Simulations
15:20–15:40 K. Fujimoto:
Magnetic Reconnection in Large and Fully Kinetic System
15:40–16:00 break
Summary (Chair: K. Shibata)
16:00–16:30 Y. Kamide:
Toward the success of space weather predictions
16:30–17:00 Discussion & Closing
K. Shibata


November 14
Short Oral Presentation: (15:40–16:10)
Core Presentation Time: (16:10–17:40)

プログラムの Poster I へもどる


November 16
Short Oral Presentation: (15:40–16:10)
Core Presentation Time: (16:10–17:40)

プログラムの Poster II へもどる

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